March 09 2023 ㆍ13 min read

Demonstrate how smartbear VisualTest operation

The slightest change of code can break the functionality of an existing code structure that was previously working just fine.

Your application’s user experience can be ruined if a bug occurs after a single line of code is changed. To avoid errors in production, you must run continuous tests at the end of every modification.

VisualTest compares visual changes to ensure that only intentional changes to the UI are pushed into production. Functional testing verifies that an application is functional, while visual testing verifies that an application appears normally, both of which are important aspects of the software development lifecycle.

Smartbear’s VisualTest allows applications to look and feel as intended. Next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence enable developer visibility into applications during the design and deployment phases. It also integrates existing feature UI test scripts to provide an integrated QA design, which can catch bugs in all test runs, commits, and builds.

This webinar will demonstrate how the SmartBear Visual Test works and how it can be integrated into existing projects using the SDK.

1.  VisualTest Introduction

2.  Features

3.  Advantages

4.  Demo

5.  Q&A

@Abdurauf Isokjonov

Manager/ Product & Integrated Services