March 09 2023 ㆍ21 min read

Testing applications with TestComplete

Test Automation is the automation of the process of tracking and managing multiple tests. By tracking and managing all processes, you can maintain high quality standards at all points in the pipeline, and improve speed, quality, and efficiency principles even in continuous testing.

According to SmartBear’s State of Software Quality | Testing 2022 report, the scope of test automation is rebounding from last year, and a third of the respondents say they automate more than half of the UI tests, of which TestComplete, accounted for 28%.

TestComplete is a UI test automation tool that supports intelligent object repositories and more than 500 controls to ensure GUI testing is scalable, robust, and easier to maintain with better quality. It’s also easy to test all your desktop, web, and mobile applications with ease of ease.

Do you need to test your application? With TestComplete you can write automated tests quickly and conveniently! You don’t have to be a programmer. In this webinar, we will explore the features of the TestComplete application and learn how to create tests.

1. Introduction
2. Why is TestComplete necessary? – Saving money on manual testers
3. What is TestComplete?
4. Features TestComplete
5. Getting started with TestComplete – Create a project & Interface
6. Ways to automate testing – KeywordTests & Script Tests
7. Execution Plan. Creating groups, running group of test sequentially
8. Name Mapping. Overview of the main structure of the tree


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